Hi, you should check my blog's avatar

Hi, you should check my blog

I’d like to remind everyone Microsoft buried the most gorgeous desktop media player anywhere with the Zune but kept the putrid XP-era corpse of WMP around.

thought I was looking at JP Yeezus for a second there

thought I was looking at JP Yeezus for a second there

The bundle so humble it’s willing to pay users €0.19 to take Wizardry 6 and 7.

Man Gran Turismo 6 is terrible

*turns back to racing wheel to continue 8-hour binge*

Oh god I’m genuinely excited about a phone game kill me now.

Kind of wish the trailer didn’t stutter like crazy though..


Not only is this a great poster for “Ninja in the Deadly Trap” but it’s unintentionally hilarious as the English translation for the film is “The Ninja Ninjas.”

Which is now the name of my Wu Tang cover band.

Alternate ‘Western’ version of the First Squad poster.

Blog might get kind of quiet/rebloggy for a minute seeing as I spent my regular weekend queue-filling time obsessively F5-ing various online retailers.I ended up getting an Acer C720 Chromebook (DAT BATTERY LIFE! DAT CHROMEBOOK WITHOUT THE WEAKASS PHONE SOC! DAT REALLY QUITE REASONABLE PIXEL DENSITY FOR A $250 LAPTOP!) and a super cheap Nook HD+ (slowish tablet with a great display, which is all I care about in a tablet because hahaha gaming or productivity on a tablet). Also on the intangible side of things, a PC copy of Spelunky HD, which I already had on 360 but now I can play a quick round without walking aaaaaaall the way over to the TV and spending 40 seconds booting the Xbox. Oh yeah and I bought Oneechanbara on the Xbox because it was two bucks. I hear it’s pretty terrible but it’s worth a latte in novelty-value.

Uhm, I think I’m going to take this blog in a wordier direction anyway because doing all these anime gifs is a shitload of work. I enjoy it on a basic level, I’ve always liked freeze-framing stuff to step through the frames so doing gifs isn’t a chore to me or anything, it’s just I work a full-ass-time job which leaves me no time to do stuff during the week so I end up having to grind out an entire week’s worth of stuff over the weekend which is not a lot of fun and a surefire way to create some uninspired garbage.